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Great trailers for cheesy movies: 1982's 'Six Pack'



Which is cheesier: The trailer for Six Pack or the movie itself? "Kenny Rogers ... a national treasure ... starring in his first feature presentation." Ah, truth be told, real '80s fans love the movie, the trailer and Kenny Rogers. It's a trifecta of near '80s perfection.

Six Pack, when debuted in July 1982, tells the story of a broken-down racecar driver who's trying to get his life and career back on track. (Enough puns for you there?) It's practically a time capsule into what America wanted in the early '80s: a nice tune, a pleasant story and plenty of talent in front of the camera.

Rogers played the driver while Erin Gray (fresh off Buck Rogers) plays his love interest. But the six pack comes in the form of Diane Lane, Anthony Michael Hall and four other siblings who serve as Rogers' crew and "parts department" managers. The theme song - Love Will Turn You Around - is a gem that hit No. 1 on the country and adult contemporary charts (and No. 13 on the pop charts). Despite the movie's success, Rogers wouldn't star in another big-league production again. 

Here are five more things you probably didn't know about Six Pack on its 35th anniversary:

1. Six Pack was the acting (and singing) debut for Anthony Michael Hall, who was just 14 years old at the time.

2. Burt Reynolds turned down the lead role in the movie. (He would star as a racecar driver a year later in Stroker Ace.) He does make a cameo in the film though.

3. The movie is shot entirely within the state of Georgia, which offered the producers the best financial incentives at the time.

4. Rogers had to leave the production before filming was complete to begin a concert tour. His scenes were all shot up front. 

5. A year after the movie debuted, a TV series pilot was produced with Don Johnson taking over Rogers' role. The pilot was a bust. 


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